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About us

Accord Ltd is a consulting company, whose business is biogas power engineering.

Accord Ltd is a member of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine.

Accord Ltd is a member of European Biogas Association.

Since 2012, we have monitored all the phenomena and innovations occurring in this renewable energy industry in Ukraine and abroad.

In 2012, the Law of Ukraine was adopted 5485-6, which amended the Law of Ukraine "On Electricity" and introduced a "green" tariff for electricity received by burning biogas.

Since that time, the construction of biogas complexes in Ukraine has become not only a means of efficient utilization of livestock wastes, but also has become economically viable and effective.

Until 2015, the development of Ukrainian biogas energy still hampered a number of populist legislative restrictions, such as the requirement for applicants for a green tariff for the presence of a "local component", the absence of agricultural products in the list of sources of biogas.

Law of Ukraine 514-8 of 04.06.2015 eliminated these contradictions and over the next several years the installed capacity of biogas facilities began to grow rapidly.

Our experience as a regional representative of European engineering company allowed us not only to study the potential demand and opportunities of domestic agricultural enterprises for the development of the Ukrainian biogas energy market, but also the specifics of their daily activities and existing obstacles to making decisions on the construction of biogas facilities.

We studied the history and practice of building biogas complexes in Ukraine, mistakes and mistakes made by customers, engineering and construction companies and other project participants.

The purpose of this work was and is to prevent such mistakes in the future, to realize the key points of the implementation of biogas projects and a comprehensive understanding of the conditions for their effectiveness and payback.

Our experience allowed us to generalize the algorithm of decision-making by customers, their main concerns and difficulties in making decisions about the beginning of the biogas project.

Our consulting services for the construction of biogas systems will enable agricultural enterprises to:

  1. Analysis of the existing prerequisites and feasibility of the construction of a biogas complex
  2. Development of an integrated project concept.
  3. Independent audit of commercial proposals for the construction of biogas complexes.
  4. Selection of the most effective biogas technology.
  5. Preliminary calculation of economic indicators and payback periods.
  6. Selection of performers.
  7. Consultation of the customer at all stages of the project.
  8. Representation of the client's interests in attracting project financing.
  9. Coordination and control of work performance in conjunction with the customer's technical staff.